Welcome To The Commemoration Of R. Nelson Nash

 A Mentor, Friend & Visionary

On March 27th, 2019, our mentor passed away or "graduated" as he would say

To keep Nelson's heart alive in all of us, we created this site
as a permanent online memorial.

 On Saturday, March 19th, 2022, we invite you to "A Day of Nelson". This will include interviews with people that knew and spent time with Nelson, sharing their stories about how he positively impacted the lives of so many. In addition, we have also included archived video footage of Nelson sharing his wisdom with others.

Please take a moment to share your treasured memories and what Nelson meant to you. 
We look forward to your contribution. Thank you! 


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We sincerely thank all those who were receptive to this project and who selflessly contributed their time, energy & financial resources to make it happen. 

Special thanks to all those who agreed to be interviewed, to the family of Nelson & to the Nelson Nash Institute. 

In gratitude, 
Jayson Lowe
Richard Canfield 
Moses Thien
Sheldon Klassen
Andrew Murdoch
Devan Borsboom
Launa McAllister

In Loving Memory Of

R. Nelson Nash

1931 - 2019

Special Memories & Photos (Remembering Nelson)

Let's take a scroll down memory lane.

"Plan as though you are going to live forever, and live as though you are going to die today."
- R. Nelson Nash

Thank You For Visiting.

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